A Dynamic DNS client in Ruby

17 Mar 2011

Back in 2008 I wrote a Ruby gem for updating your IP address at afraid.org, the free Dynamic DNS service. For whatever reason I moved onto other things, and never published the gem. It’s pretty basic but serves my needs, and may serve yours, so I’ve fixed it up and pushed version 0.1.2 today.


$ gem install updateafraid


$ updateafraid --help
Help for commands:
  -user       (Required, takes 1 argument)
                  Your Afraid.org username
  -pass       (Required, takes 1 argument)
                  Your Afraid.org password
  -domain     (Optional, takes 1 argument)
                  Update IP address for one domain: -domain <name>
  -all        (Optional, takes 0 arguments)
                  Update IP address for all domains in your account
  -h          (Optional, takes 0 arguments)

The code is hosted at github.com/logankoester/updateafraid under an MIT License.

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